CERA ALBA - Relativity EP
CERA ALBA - Relativity EP Mile End records 12" Vinyl - 140 grams Opener Vertigo is a bouncy cut with big kicks filled with air, grinding bass and spooky chords that are rave ready. It’s one to send floors wild, and Erratic Motion is a more old school New York style house cut. Raw and ghetto with churning drums and a wild lead synth that tumbles down from the sky, it is one to make you sweat. Balaeria is another slamming and slinky house joint with crisp percussion and loopy bass sucking you right into the vocal flecked groove. 
Much loved London pair Leftwing & Kody remix Baleric into a more to the point and hard hitting, cut up and choppy affair that is perfectly physical for the floor.
Please....Choose 1 Track for SIDE A and 1 Track for SIDE B
(maximum 2 Tracks per Vinyl - 1 per SIDE)

track 1 - Vertigo

track 2 - Erratic Motion

track 3 - Balaeria

track 4 - Baleric
$14.00 CAD