Lebaron - I'm Losing Control
Lebaron - I'm Losing Control Victims Music Company 12" Vinyl - 140 grams From dj and producer LEBARON featuring remixes from Canadian veteran and Juno’s Award Winner Miguel Graça, Toronto base rising stars Nature of Music and Montreal’s well known female dj and producer Maus. Lebaron offered us his new single called I’m losing Control which is more like a deep cinematographic theme made to dream about the universe magnificence or life and death but could still be very usefull if played at the right moment of your journey. All remixes are on point and floor oriented.
Please....Choose 1 Track for SIDE A and 1 Track for SIDE B
(maximum 2 Tracks per Vinyl - 1 per SIDE)

track 1 - Original mix

track 2 - Maus Remix

track 3 - Miguel Graça Remix

track 4 - Nature of Music Remix
$14.00 CAD