GOA Classic Records

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Goa Classic is a label based in Russia, founded by Vincent Inc,

concentrates on releasing classic oldschool goa, psy, acid, chill trance made with quality production, they also re-released a few classics from the golden era as well as some downtempo/ambient productions. Their dedication to- and general focus on classic goa trance helped spark a renewed interest in this subgenre in the international scene in general. 

Licensing, demos:  GOA's Facebook

Egebamyasi - Sponge EP
Egebamyasi - Sponge EP GOA Classic Records 12" Vinyl - 180 grams Egebamyasi is back on Goa Classic records and this time with the beautiful deep trance. Eggboy is a flawless uplifting anthem with a atmosphere hook and melody line that will send shivers down your spine.
Radar Egg is exactly what it claims. A chugging 4/4 and deep bass acid techno laid under claps, smacks quirky synths jabs interjected by a looped-out TB303 snip.
Side A - Eggboy

Side AA - Radar Egg
$14.00 CAD