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Label from Montréal, Quebec own by Alex Gragnani & M.A.B
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Alex Gragnani - Kona 56 EP
Alex Gragnani - Kona 56 EP Imagine Music 12" Vinyl - 140 grams imagine is proud to bring you this release featuring Montreal based artists.
Alex Gragnani delivers his first true analog release with Kona 56 arranged and recorded live. Simple yet hypnotic melodies, sharp snares and crisp hi-hats come together as one on the first track. Adam Husa brings a more groovy touch to it with a super rolling bass as Hooll brings in deeper with a low bassline and organic soundscapes. The second track Sobruary is a downtempo featuring ambient sounds and vocal as well as distorted melodies.
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Please....Choose 1 Track for SIDE A and 1 Track for SIDE B
(maximum 2 Tracks per Vinyl - 1 per SIDE)

track 1 - Kona 56 (Live Recording)

track 2 - Kona 56 (Hooll Remix)

track 3 - Kona 56 (Adam Husa Remix)

track 4 - Sobruary (Original mix)
$14.00 CAD