Mouvement Musique

Montreal House Music legend, Alain Vinet (Co-founder & resident DJ at Montreal’s legendary Stereo Nightclub 1998-2003), has been a DJ for almost 4 decades. “Mouvement Musique” is inspired by Alain’s popular monthly event entitled “Mouvement“ (2000-2003@STEREO Nightclub, 2004-2005@Circus Afterhour), who in turn came from : Music comes in Mouvements, The Electronic Music Mouvement itself, The act of Mouvement while dancing, Mouvement as in a regroupment of people with the same ideaology and passions, The movement of the Flag in the LOGO, etc… Alain’s productions have been praised in the past by numerous DJ Icons such as Danny Tenaglia, Roger Sanchez, Angel Moraes, David Morales and Danny Rampling to name but a few.
 “ MOUVEMENT Musique “ Will now be the vector for Alain Vinet’s creativity and collaborations.

St-Denis - EP1
St-Denis - EP1 Mouvement Musique 12" Vinyl - 180 grams Alain Vinet & Steve Aries
Go Head - A trippy journey with a funky house rhythm and haunting synths.
4283 - A bouncy Deep House trip with sequential synth lines and spacy voice pads.
this side - Go Head

that side - 4283
$14.00 CAD