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2040 - Blind Spot feat. Yasmine Lipari
2040 - Blind Spot feat. Yasmine Lipari Imagine Music 12" Vinyl - 140 grams For the first release of 2015, imagine is proud to bring you 2040'S latest EP. 2 deep and smooth tracks featuring Yasmine Lipari's vocals on Blind Spot. The remixes are done by Alex Gragnani, giving Blind Spot a more techno feel with a nice blend with the soothing vocals, and Simply City, adding another fantastic deep remix to their collection. Don't be shy to add to your charts and podcast. Hope you Enjoy!
Please....Choose 1 Track for SIDE A and 1 Track for SIDE B
(maximum 2 Tracks per Vinyl - 1 per SIDE)

track 1 - Blind Spot (Original Mix)

track 2 - Feat Yasmine Lipari (Alex Gragnani's brute on lithium remix)

track 3 - Bipolar (Original Mix)

track 4 - Bipolar (Simply City Remix)
$14.00 CAD