Vinyl Details at DJMR

Thanks to You for taking an interest in DJ Montreal Record - Exclusive 12” Vinyl.

This may seem like a sales pitch but, here are the details for the Vinyl concept sold exclusively worldwide at

-There is no vinyl pressing cost to your Label.  DJMR will cut a 12” quality vinyl record 180 grams for each customer’s order….so, never “Out of Stock”.

-Royalties of $1.00 CAD, per Vinyl, will be paid to your Label. Payouts will be issued when the Royalties reach $50.00 CAD.  Doesn’t seem like a lot, but…Cutting a single 12” is costly and we want to keep the cost of a Vinyl as low as possible for the customer. The retail price of a Vinyl will be $14.00 CAD.  DJMR is your alternative to offer your music on Vinyl with no investment from you.

-There will be an option of a “Discount Code” of $1.00 CAD per Vinyl.  This can be applicable for your Fans on your new releases or for any release of your entire collection. Only you can offer it through your promotional email, Facebook page or website… Unfortunately, this will mean that you will forfeit your Royalties…but, however, it can be a great way to promote your music and create a buzz about your Label.  You can manage your “Discount Code” of your Releases for a limited time period or not use this option at all.

-You will need to choose 2 tracks per EP / 12” Vinyl, 1 per side.  There is a maximum of 12 minutes per track with a total of 19 minutes per EP (2 tracks). The 2 Tracks can be from different Artists with 2 different Song titles or different remixes from a Track by a single Artist. You can also have releases with more than 2 tracks. Customers will choose themselves which track they want for each side of the vinyl.
Here's Seven Island Records example of that.

Click Here: Hooks, Lines & Sinkers - SIR34-02

It is up to you to offer the Best music on your Label. We will call each side; “This Side” and “That Side”…unless you have your own names like ”Sub Side” and “Crazy Side” for example.

-We will use your Digital Mastering to cut the Vinyl. Don’t forget, there are 2 major points to a good Mixdown and Mastering that we can use for Vinyl;  Mono in Bass frequencies and use a De-Esser for the Vocals.

-We believe that it is important for your Label to have all your links like Soundcloud, Facebook and others into your Label’s description, it’s the perfect way for you to be connected with your Fans.

-We are using a html5 player for each track embedded in your EP description. A 2 minutes snippet/sample is generated from the original track.

-Label info required…send it by email once.
     -Name of Label manager and email
     -Label’s Logo, minimum 500X500 .jpg
     -Small Bio
     -Facebook, Soundcloud, website and any other links that can help market your Label.
-Release info required:
     A Excel Spreadsheet will be provided to fill up the Release’s info called “Vinyl Template.xls” (Download here). Please rename it with your Record Label’s name and date. (Record Label-2015-01-01). Put as many Releases you want in 1 spreadsheet.
     -EP’s Title
     -Artist(s) - Song Title(s) - Remixer
     -Small description
     -Release Date    
     -SKU or catalog number
     -2 Tracks in “.wav” or “.aiff” format. Identify the side for each Track by selecting in the dropdown box menu in the spreadsheet….(This Side or That Side) or enter your own name sides.
     -The Vinyl Center Label Artwork Full color, minimum 2000X2000 .jpg .……Left Click here and "Save Link As" to download this Template for the Artwork   Be creative…
     -Genre; you can select in the dropdown box menu in the spreadsheet column: House, Soulful House, Deep House, Afro House, Jackin House, Tech house, Electro House, Progressive House, Classic House, Nu-Disco, Techno, Hard Techno, Minimal, Trance, Soul/Funk, Disco, Drum & Bass, Broken Beat/Nu Jazz, R&B/HipHop, Pop, Rock…. If I forgot a Genre, let me know.
Please send the Tracks wav/aiff, Centre Label Artwork and Excel spreadsheet with any large file downloader website….like “yousendit”.

If you have any question…don’t hesitate to contact me

Mike Perras