Head Nodders - Gnosis EP

Victims Music Company


This package includes two original tracks and two remixes. Luke brings a deep and elabo- rate piano composition over an infectious groove while Room of Mine features beautiful wistful vocals performed by Kristen. Original tracks are written and produced by Head Nodders, a Montreal born partnership between close friends Danielle & Ali. The duo is pleased to release their debut EP with remixes by the highly decorated New York native Alexi Delano (ADNY) and Montreal deep house connaisseurs and curators Soundshaper & Nathan Burns. This release is mastered by none other than Jesper Dahlbäck and infuses all of the featured artists' dance floor sensibilities with a touch of sentimental musicality.
Please....Choose 1 Track for SIDE A and 1 Track for SIDE B
(maximum 2 Tracks per Vinyl - 1 per SIDE)

track 1 - LUKE (Original Mix)

track 2 - ROOM OF MINE feat. Kristen (Original Mix)

track 3 - LUKE (ADNY Remix)

track 4 - LUKE (Nathan Burns & Soundshaper Remix)

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